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Susan Philip Clare
Susan Sarantos - Phillip Fike - Clare Morison
photo taken at Washington, DC Conference

SNAG - The Society of North American Goldsmiths
An Organization for Jewelers, Designers and Metalsmiths

. Member since 1981
. Board of Directors served from 1994-98
. Grants Coordinator 1994-1999 wrote NEA Grants (highest amount awarded $18,000.00)
. Supplier Room Coordinator 1998-1999
. SNAG Auction Committee 1997-1999
. Nomination and Election Committee 1990-92
. Conference Committee Providence RI SNAG 1992
. MJSA SNAG booth coordinator 1992-1999 NYC NY, Providence RI (brought the two organizations together)


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Original Modern Contemporary Jewelry Designs Created by Independent Studio Jeweler Goldsmith S.E. Sarantos ™
Newport Rhode Island USA 02840